Listgeeks Feature #1: Craig Robinson (

Craig Robinson, originally from Lincoln, England, is a Mexico-City-based artist and illustrator. Craig’s been making (mostly pixel-based) pictures and animations on computers since 1998, and has recently done great things for clients as diverse as Kidrobot, Bloomberg Businessweek (see his November, 2010 cover here), and the Observer Music Magazine. A self-professed listgeek, lover of baseball, and Beach Boys fan, we’re pleased to have Craig as our first featured contributor. Check out his Favourite Aerosmith Songs, Favorite MLB Team Caps, Top 10 Favourite Ways to Get Drunk, Ten Favourite Cities in the Americas, and – perhaps most importantly – Ten Things That Keep Me Awake at Night. Craig’s new book, “Flip Flop Fly Ball: An Infographic Baseball Adventure” (Bloomsbury) is out in July, 2011, and the accompanying Website is here. He blogs with singular wit and enormous honesty here.

Dear Beta Testers: Thank You!

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