Year-End Lists, 2011: The Needle Drop

Anthony Fantano claims to be “The Internet’s busiest music nerd,” and he might be right! Back in 1997, after his text-based music blog and podcast weren’t gaining the kind of attention he was hoping for, Anthony got aggravated and started something new: The Needle Drop, a b/vlog (and NPR-affiliated radio show) that consists solely of Anthony doing music reviews on camera. His youtube channel has since gained a lot of attention, and if you enjoy independently-oriented rock, pop, electronic, and experimental music, then you should do yourself a favor and check him out. Anthony has recently reviewed albums from artists as disparate as The Roots (“Undone”), The Black Keys (“El Camino”), Oneohtrix Point Never (“Replica”) and Kate Bush (“50 Words for Snow”).

The Needle Drop
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