Listgeeks Interviewee Updates

We thought it would be fun to provide a mini update on what some of the people we’ve featured on Listgeeks over the last 7-8 months have been up to since we published their interviews:

Designer Khoi Vinh (interviewed here and on Listgeeks here) recently released the fantastic Mixel iPad app to great acclaim.  Mixel is, “a social art-making tool for people who don’t think of themselves as artists.” It’s addictive and inspirational and you can download it for free here. Khoi will be speaking on April 5th at TYPO San Francisco.

Illustrator Christoph Niemann (interviewed here and on Listgeeks here) has continued to create fantastic illustrations for The New Yorker, among other clients, and will have his first stamp designed for the German postal service released in May. Christoph will participate in an AIGA-sponsored talk, “Post Illustration” in NYC on April 18th.

Musician Kathleen Hannah (interviewed here and on Listgeeks here) has been putting the finishing touches on a new album with her new band The Julie Ruin, and also took part in mixing/releasing a live EP from Le Tigre’s world tour in 2004/2005, which is now available via iTunes here. Check out Kathleen’s blog for her latest inspirations and activities.

Australian musician Catherine Kelleher aka Catcall (interviewed here and on Listgeeks here) released her new single/video for “The World is Ours,” taken from her upcoming album, “The Warmest Place,” and she also launched a brand new Website to support the album release/current Australian tour. Talking about the inspiration for the album, Catherine said that, “The Warmest Place is what I feel when I listen to music that makes me happy, when I listen to music that is really giving and unpretentious. But it’s subject to interpretation for everybody; it can be heaven, your bed, an island, sex, love, a summer’s day, a womb, a cup of tea, freshly baked bread… anything that brings comfort. I want this album to be comfort food and to keep people warm.”

NYC band Cookies (interviewed here and on Listgeeks here) just released an addictive new single called “Crybaby,” featuring the saxophone work of Colin Stetson (touring member of Arcade Fire and Bon Iver), which you can listen to/download here. Cookies will perform at Glasslands in NYC on May 16th. You can keep up with Cookies on Facebook here. Also note that the cover shot for this single comes from another collaboration with photographer Emily Keegin, who we interviewed here and (who posts to Listgeeks here.)

And finally, designer Erik Spiekermann (interviewed here and on Listgeeks here) drew his ideal future office (for Arte TV), was awarded the 2011 TDC Medal, stayed involved with a number of high-profile projects at Edenspiekermann, and will be facilitating at TYPO San Francisco on April 5th and 6th.