Catcall – “Satellites”

It’s probably still too early for a “Song of the Year” list (though “Best Album of 2011 – So Far” is already happening!), but if it weren’t, a sizable percentage of the Listgeeks staff would have Catcall’s breathtaking new track, “Satellites,” at the top. Sydney-based musician Catherine Kelleher has been recording as Catcall since 2007 (when she started singing over her own beats in her bedroom), though she established herself as a teen in Australia with her DIY/Punk band Kiosk. If the first few tracks (see below) from her upcoming album “The Warmest Place (out in 2012 on Ivy League Records) are any evidence, next year is going to be seriously busy for Catherine. We’re happy she took the time to answer a few of our questions and create an awesome list (be sure to check out the links to this amazing collection of artists): “Catcall’s Top 10 Australian Artists Right Now

Listgeeks: Most of your earlier tracks (and the 2008 EP) as Catcall come closer to fitting under a “lo-fi” label, but “Swimming Pool” and “Satellites,” are clearly from a different place, production-wise. How did that shift come about? Are many of the tracks on the upcoming album produced by Diamond Cut?

: I think the shift came about because of the music I started listening to after that EP came out, a lot of classic pop and disco, and also I expanded my collaborations to start working with talented guys like Youth, Diamond Cut and Gloves. That first EP was written entirely on an MPC then recorded and mixed in a bedroom. With the album I was really lucky to have a recording budget thanks to Ivy League and with all my new musical inspirations and new collaborations everything just evolved from there. Diamond Cut has worked on four of the tracks for the record with another producer called Bry Jones, and he’s awesome.

LG: What was the process like for creating the video for “Satellites”?

CC: It was a really fun shoot, we did it all in one day with a small crew in a park in Sydney called Sydney Park. The director Spod had a really simple and beautiful pitch for the track that I thought was so perfect for the song. We shot most of it in one full take over and over again, during the day then at night. It was a really fun clip – lots of incidental exercise too, walking up and down the hill haha.

Catcall – “Swimming Pool”

LG: Based on the strength of these two tracks alone, it seems likely that you’ll be spending much of 2012 on stages in clubs overseas once “The Warmest Place” hits. Who would you like to perform in a line-up with, if you were to curate an evening of your own?

CC: I’d really like to play a bill that included ESG and Chic, haha.

LG: Finally, which other artists/producers would you be most curious to collaborate with at the moment?

CC: I’d love to collaborate with The Dream some day, that would be amazing. I’d also really love to write with Joseph Mount from Metronomy, Paul Epworth and Peaches.

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